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St. Johns River

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Hey, I'm fishing the Bassmaster Southern Open on the St. John's River next week. This is my first time fishing a open tournament like this. I never been there before so Im not 100% sure what styles of fishing are done there, if its a lot of flippin like on Okeechobee or if its more of a finess style of fishing in deepere water? I can only practice for one day on account of classes for college. Anyone fish here? I'm headin to Bass Pro Shop to stock up, wonderin what I should be stocking up. You dont gotta tell me your secret lure or anything, just anything general would be helpful.

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We fished it last year in April and spent most of our time up the Oklawaha and Bear Creek beside it. We had some really good luck on a Rapala floating minnow in perch about 3 1/2in long. Seemed that time of year that downsizing worked really well. Being alot earlier, you'll probably go a different direction. We're going back in April and I'd love to know how you did and what you used. Good luck and drop me a line if you would!

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rodmans is off limits due to drawdown.the spring areas are going to be the hot spots.there is a FEW starting to pull up to spawn w/ alot of cruisers.the springs are going to be a zoo and if your not familiar w/ area your going to be lost.i would concentrate from astor s. down to woodruff and dexter.if your savvy enough to find some areas of bedders more power to ya. if not i would concentrate on pre spawners lookin to move up but in staging areas. if you can find eel grass close by deep water especially around creek mouths ...fish it.

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