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Anyone from Nova for Carp Fishing on Monday???

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Any you guys wanna do some carp fishing on Monday?  I'm off work and have decided I'm just gonna bring my jigging pole (MH) and fish a drop shot w/ corn for some of the carp at Fountainhead.  Saw a dude pull up a 15+ pounder last year there.  Only caught one last year at Belvoir (bought 8lbs), but I heard they are easier to catch this time of year so I'm gonna give it a shot.  Heck of a fight these guys.  Anyone down?

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I saw a guy land a 25lber off the pier at Fountainhead last year. He also had quite a few large crappie. He was using corn.

Good luck, i would come but i'm at school.

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Yup corn is the way to go.  Unless you got the stuff to make some hair rigs.  But all the bait they carry around here doesn't work well as far as making bollies.  I prefer drop shot or a very light slip sinker (1/16, 1/8 ounce), or even a split shot rig rigged up with corn.  2-3 pieces on a smaller hook, sometimes I just have the pole at 70-80 degrees, bail open and wait for the run, then close the bail and hold on lol.

If anyone in interested I'll be there most of the day, weather permitting.

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