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Occoquan from shore this year?

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Hey fellas, any of you NOVA guys fished the Occoquan River (not to be confused with Lake Ridge/Fountainhead/Bull Run) from shore yet this year? Going for my first time tonight after work to toss a few. Went a couple days ago for cats and perch but didn't get a single bite on minnows. Water looks really stained and the tide was down when I went so that sucked.

Anyone know the tide schedule for today? Has anyone had any luck whether by the launch ramp, retaining wall, floating dock, shoreline areas? If so let me know how you are working the water if you could. Don't need specific baits just how you are going about covering the water and where you think the fish may be holding right now.

The pond I fish lately is seeing bass come up pretty shallow sitting in dead vegetation or growing vegetation (mostly spadderdock or dead plants). I don't know if the water is warm enough in the river for that shoreline to be growing those weeds that covered the left of the ramp last year but I do know there is some dead trees in the water and there is always algae by that shoreline, just a matter of how much is in the usual spots. Only other things I can think of is fishing off the high point in the woods to the left of the ramp and casting out as far as I can covering a lot of water.

Slomoe? Anglernfuego? Any of you bass boater's I see out there? Any help would be appreciated. It may just be too cold, but I'm not sure. Any guys get an accurate reading of surface temp lately out there? If so could you clue me in?

Great, looks like I'll be fishing an outgoing tide. High tide is at noon or so and low at 7:30 or so. I'll be up there around 4:15 fishing until 5:30. Sucks for me. I may park by the entrance and try and find a spot next to some of those deep drop off rock walls, run a deep crank and a jig.

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I haven't been out since december. Im gonna go fishing this weekend, but I have a feeling with rain coming this way the water will be very stained. Might just have to find a new spot this weekend.

BUT, I remember now two weekends ago I took the dog down there for a walk and could see what looked to be old beds in the shallows (some still out of the water) between the launch ramp and floating dock.

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Yea, slomoe if it's the spot I'm thinking about, or the general area you are talking about those spots can be gold mines all year long.  Only need two baits, a blade bait and a senko.  That's what I love about this place, it's always good for a fish as long as you fish the grass, mats, beds, etc the correct way.  We still need to catch some hawgs together man.  One weekend we need to hit it up.  Kit.

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