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Roanoke River Striper Fishing

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I'm going striper fishing in April.  Woohoo!  On Saturday I'll be in a boat (guided) but I'm thinking about heading up a day early to fish from the bank.  I hear bucktail jigs and flukes are good artificials.  Can some recommend a jig size (1oz, 2oz, 3oz) and fluke size (3", 4", 5") for shore fishing?  Also what size hooks to go along with the flules?

Any other info you may care to share will be greatly appreciated!

Oh and I'll be in Roanoke Rapides (i.e. Weldon boat ramp).


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I'm also going to the Roanoke in April.  I've never fished there before but have been doing some research.  The North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission posts a weekly river fishing report on Thursdays.  Also they have a striper guide for the roanoke on their website.  Not having fished there before I don't know how reliable the info is but it makes sense to me.  

Being a newbie I can't post links but just do a Google search for "Fishing for Striped Bass on the Roanoke River" and it should be the first hit.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the info.  I've read some of those articles but they don't give good details on what lures to use from the bank.  What size, weight, etc.  I may just wait and try to find a local tackle shop, they can probably answer my questions.  My main concern is everyone being out of stock!

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Check with Bobby Colston at Colston's Tackle Box in Roanoke Rapids.

NC   Phone : 252-537-6485

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