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Hows the fishing at Lake Anna

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Can anyone provide input on how the fishing is at Lake Anna?  The reports online look like they are catching some nice size LMBs now and that the lmbs are making their way toward the mouths of the creeks.  I am going to fish Lake Anna Monday March 31st and will be launching at Dukes Creek Marina.  I am thinking of going down toward dike 3 in an attempt to land a hawg.  Thoughts?

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Check out Airbornes reports.  He has three very good ones (one from each of the last three weeks). It's on another website, you can pm me for it as I can't post it here because it won't show up.

He fishes there regularly and is really thorough, providing water temps for different areas, info on where the fish are, breaking up patterns, etc. I've been following his reports for a while and usually they are pretty good. Lots of info.

The one for High Point is real generic and kinda covers the whole month so it's harder to relate to your next trip because then the fish could be totally different.

My conclusions from reports... it looks like the fish will mostly be caught in 5-10' of water on cranks and plastics. I'm gonna plan on covering shallow suspended fish with a Mann's, the rest of the water with a trap and a Rapala Jerkbait (might pick up another at the marina since I'm down to two). I'll probably throw some original rapalas if I see surface activity and maybe a spinnerbait weather/water condition permitting.

Plastics I'm gonna home in on the almighty senko baits.

Also another thing I've drawn from reports is that the fish are holding fairly close to cover. Might be time to press those docks/ rip rap areas again. Can't wait!

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Launching at Duke's Creek, you sure don't have to head downlake. There are plenty of hawgs in that creek. Check out the point of the island in the mouth. It drops from 3 feet to 55 feet of water and always has good fish on it. Lots of times, you can catch stripers schooling on the point. Rat-L-Traps should always be on the deck when fishing there.

Also check out each of the coves off the creek. There have been plenty of big fish caught in the coves and in the channel at the mouths of the coves.

Fishing is excellent. Most of the fish are being taken on Deep diving crankbaits, Jerkbaits and Carolina rigs on points, and plastic creature baits on docks.

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Have to throw some of my DT's too then.  

Last two weekends I understand have had tourneys on the water, same this weekend.  So we should probably look for more "unpressured" spots since a lot of the fish will have been taken already from sure looking spots.

Looks like I might have to pick up a couple of deep divers as I don't have many in my selection as of yet.

Appreciate the info about Duke's Charlie.  We will let you know how we make out.

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Thanks Charlie, I look forward to meeting you at your meeting in April when I join your club.


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