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Lake Huntsman 4/2/08 (Pics later today)

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Hey guys, the bite was back on this morning at Huntsman Lake. I went before work. Had two hours to spare. I already had a Rapala Firetiger Rattle Trap rigged up so I decided to start throwing it. Water was slightly stained with about 1ft to 1 and a half feet visibility depending on the area.

I started on the shoreline at the back end of the lake and worked the first point. Nabbed one right outside of the current as I approached the point, looks like it was using it to move about and or ambush bait fish passing by. Went for 1.5lbs.

Second one was a dink caught casting parallel to the shoreline. I saw it feeding about 20 feet in front of me and let the bait flutter a bit as it approached, I ripped it and it slammed it. Fish number two.

Had one other bite that I missed before I headed down the shoreline further. I got to the end of the shoreline where the first cove starts up. I started casting out into the mouth of the cove working the area there by fancasting. Hooked into another one as I was doing a steady retrieve. This one also went for 1.5lbs. So three fish total in two hours of work. Wish I could have stayed longer with them biting this good.

Observation: There are fish moving downlake from deeper water (as a lot of bigger fish are normally caught at the dam). They are associating with points and front of coves (the mouths) positioned adjacent to current. The two nicer fish were BOTH caught right outside of the current. So that was definately a factor (probably using it to ambush bait fish or move to and from different shoreline areas).

The one I caught at shoreline was pretty much just sight fishing when I saw the feeding.

I will have pictures of the two nicer fish up after my lunch break when I can hop on a pc that has the memory card input on it so I can upload the photos. With the wind any type of finesse fishing today was out the window, gusts were too strong. I tried a senko with 1/8oz weight texas rigged but couldn't watch my line so I hung it up. Might head back here next week on a nicer day.

Also saw a guy with three poles out chumming for carp. Had homemade dough balls and corn and was lookin' for a biggun. He said the bite for them has been good lately. Just a heads up for you fishermen who fish for multiple species. See ya later guys.


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Good job again Jay, looks like I might have a problem keeping up with you this year.  Nice LMBs

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Fish #2

The first one looked a bit fatter and healthier, but both fish had good color and fought extremely well for their size.


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