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canals between chain lakes

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Can anyone tell me the speed policy on canals between lakes in chain lakes such as Harris, Kissimmee, etc. Are all canals idle speed only no matter the length of the canal? My specific concern was the canal between Eusits and Griffin on the Harris Chain. That is a long canal and at idle speed would use quite a bit of valuable fishing time to connect to the other lake. Then again....How productive is that canal to fish?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Tight Lines!!


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Most of the canal is "safe speed" with several no wake zones clearly posted.  I have caught quite a few 1-2 lb fish on the eustis end before you get to the first no wake zone.  If you are going to run in the channel be aware of the speck fisherman, they will sit right in the middle of the channel like they own it.

The Dora canal as well as dead river are all No Wake.

As for Toho, Cypress, Hatch and Kissimmee,  all of the main river channels are "safe speed" with the only no wake zones near the locks and in the "old" river side channels.

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Thank you sir, appreciate the info.

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