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I was pretty jazzed about fishing this weekend, I had not been on the water in almost a month. So I take Friday afternoon off, and go out to Lunga lake on Quantico. My first mistake, I believed the weatherman again when he said that Saturday would fearture 5-10mph winds. Anyhow, I caught one pickerel and one dink largemouth at Lunga (and I do mean dink--6" max.) I did however, see a 3lb bass shoot away in the shallows, leaving me to believe that the spawn was occuring on Lunga.

So Saturday roles around, not feeling well--missed the alarm clock, and don't get to Hope Springs until 8AM. No place to park. So we go to Curtis Lake. Should have went back home to bed, nada. After a short break in the middle of the day we go back to Hope Springs, and get on the water at 3PM. I haul water all afternoon  while struggling with the boat in a 15+ mph wind. My son catches one mediocre bass, and hooks/looses a big catfish. The bass have moved from where they were several weeks ago--something I should have figured on. If I had had more time, I might have been able to re-connect with them. But that's fishing. I never had have much success during the spawn, I think I'll take next weekend and go spring turkey hunting instead.

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The Potomac was tough this weekend.  JCrzy4Bass and I lost 4 Friday and we only ended up catching 5, the biggest was 2.5 lbs.  I am hoping to improve on that next weekend as we usually do much better than that.  Mattawoman Creek had a lot of bass sitting in the grass but with low tide it was tough to get in there and pull them out.   You should try Mattawoman when you get a chance.

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It can be a frustrating time of the year. Some fish are just starting to spawn in NOVA but the majority are still in the pre-spawn transition which can change by the day.

I fished Beaverdam Creek Res on Thursday and fully expected to find fish in the shallows of the coves since the water temp is right for them to be there and several reports prior in the week validated that thought. I spend the first hour or so trying to find them shallow and never had a hit and never saw a bass cruising. At one point I was crossing the lake and saw a bunch of bait and fish under them on the fishfinder in 15 to 20 feet of water on the edge of a hump. I tried crankbaits and lipless crankbaits and couldn't buy a hit and the wind was blowing me off of position quickly.

I tried a bunch more coves, points and the rock wall on the north end by the dam. I still couldn't find fish. I went back to the deep since there was a break in the wind and those fish were gone. Figuring that they finally transitioned to the shallows I spent a couple more hours deep in the coves with no success. I finally took a few small fish off of primary points on Rat-L traps and soft jerkbaits.

70+ degree day, sun warming the water, fish in the shallows just days before and by 1:00 PM they still hadn't moved up. Go figure.

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 This time of the year is hard on me too :(! Was telling a friend the other day, "I do better in the middle of winter than this." Not holding my mouth right or what? Can't figure it out ;D...

                             As Ever,


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