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First time on Potomac!

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Well........that was scary being out on the river Sat. , first time ever.

Talk about shallow , man I'm not used to that....pucker factor in full effect! Launched at Leesylvania, i'm not sure but I would say two to three footers out in the middle made for a fun ride. I don't no where I was but went sraight across, found some aquatic vegitation and started fishing. All I can say is what a day it turned out to be. Think about it ,fishing right before that nasty front came thru and a full moon.

There were three people in the boat , I caught five , brother two , girlfriend three , all keepers the biggest 3.10 oz ( crankbait )

I went to Anna Friday, wasted time mid-lake 'cause they are on the beds or just starting to move shallow down south ,caught four there.

Overall it was a great weekend and learned alot about the Potomac.I learned I need a d**n map!

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You also need a camera, whats up with some pics man!? Nice job on pulling those fish either way, both places are slightly pressured I'd say ;)

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The Potomac does get extremely low when it is low tide and you need to be aware of these levels. There is a 3 foot difference betwwen the high and low tides. Did you go into a creek on the other side, if so that is Mattawoman Creek. Mattawoman Creek has a lot of bass and a lot of grass. I would also like to see some pictures. My son and I caught five on the Potomac last Friday and we also launched at Leesylvania.  There are pictures under a thread in this section of the forum from my son and I.

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Anna is very pressured. While the Potomac has a lot of tourneys there are so many areas to fish and runs to make you have your choice at picking it apart. That and it being tidal puts fish in all different areas tide pending, runoff pending and weather pending. It is one of the best fisheries around here imho.

A map is a big help. That and understanding tides and fish positioning is huge. Also if you can fish grass or learn approaches to fishing dense grass this place is a bass haven.

Good job on the 3lb 10ozer.  Thats a nice fish.  Lots of those and bigger over in Mattawoman and some of the other creeks like Quantico, Nanjemory, Aquia too name a few.  Main river can be productive too if you know where to fish.

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