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Dad and I at Huntsman 4/30/08

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Hey guys,

My dad and I got out to Huntsman this morning after we got some work done on our vehicles and fished for about 2 and a half hours. We found some fish in the coves to the left and right of the dam. We caught a total of four and my dad missed one other one.

My first one went 2lbs 6ozs and was the first fish I have caught on a spinnerbait this year (new Strike King model), finally restoring my confidence in this bait a bit. My other fish came on a Konami Rattle Trap in chrome and blue. It went for about 1lbs 2ozs or so as I didn't weigh it but just guestimated.

My dad caught two. I'll let him chime in on baits as I don't remember exactly what he pulled his in on. We saw a lot of bait fish activity in the cove to the left of the dam in the middle once the sun first hit. After that thed feed died down quite a bit and my dad and I couldn't buy any other hits.

I had one other hit on a Zoom G Tail worm in the same cove as my first fish but it dropped it quickly as he was gone when I went to set the hook. Maybe moving the bait or something, dunno.

We saw A TON of small to medium sized crappie just chillin' on the rocks at the dam making me wish I had brought my pan fish gear. They were all together in groups of 3-4 on different rocks. Maybe I'll go back out there later this week for some of those.

Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up on Huntsman and so forth. The bite isn't strong but they are there. My dad also saw a decent sized carp roll in one of the coves too.

I'll post the pic of my bigger fish soon. Thanks for coming out with me dad, I had a good time and it was a great way to spend time before making the dreaded commute to work.

Sorry about the pic quality guys, only had the cell with me today.


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Nice! Where do you guys park when you hit Huntsman? On the Dorothy Lane cul-de-sac or on the side of Golden Ball Tavern Court? Those two places seem closest to the dam side.

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Go down Golden Ball til' you get to the dam and park along the road.  Quickest access to some of the best fishing.  Dorothy Lane is too far and you have to walk too much.  The other side of the lake opposite of the shoreline from Dorothy is pretty good too and is walkable all the way down to the first and only large cove.  You can park at the beginning of Golden Ball and walk down where the gate is to get there.  I've caught some decent fish there.  Tons of carp in this area though.

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I caught my my first bass 1lb 12ozs on a Manns -1 and a dink on a rat-l-trap.I also lost another on my Manns -1, time to replace the hooks on that lure with Gamakatzu.

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