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Huntsman/Mercer and Richmond fishing!

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I hit up Huntsman and Mercer yesterday (5/13) the water at both these lakes are extremmeeelllyyy murky less than 1ft of visibility which is to be expected from all the rain.  At Huntsman I tossed a Mann's -1 in the fire tiger color along the dam.  I caught one at the right side of the dam near the mini boat launch...


this baby weighed in at 2lb 4oz with my scale (accuracy questionable), I then walked along the dam casting the manns and eventually hit one about the same size, maybe a tad larger near the far left side of the dam but the darn thing was barely hooked and it got off near shore.

I then traveled over to Mercer to give it a shot, the water is HIGH there.  Hit one dink a little less than a lb, didn't get a shot of him because I hooked him deep.

As for Richmond fishing, I again need to thank Sam for the pond tip! great fun.

The water in this pond in Richmond was stained too, but not nearly as bad as Huntsman and Mercer, but still pretty bad...I'd say about 1-2ft of visibility here.  I started off trying buzzbaits as the weather down here is kinda cloudy, tried a Calvitron in chartreuse/white/red and another Calvitron in black/red (never caught a fish on these yet  :'( ).  I then switched to a blue top, silver body, orange belly rapala rat-l-trap and hit these 3...


This one went for 2lb 5oz


Though it doesn't look like it at all from the pic, this one was the largest at 2lbs 12oz, fought pretty hard.  Has good weight potential once it fattens up a bit.


Hit this one as I was leaving, final cast syndrome...and it weighed in at 2lb 9oz. This one fought nicely too!

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d**n!! nice fish! I'm gonna give topwater at the lansdowne pond a try on friday.  I think i'm hooked!

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Thanks guys =D

I'm gonna try out my Sea eagle at pocahontas park today...hopefully it stays afloat...wish me luck...lol

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