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Lake Yale in Eustis, FL

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I've got a club tourney in Lake Yale on Sunday.  I didn't practice it. I've never fished it.  And nobody seems to know much about it.  So I searched the internet and found out a couple things....

Reportedly, the lake used to be crystal clear about 15+ years ago full of hydrilla grass and all kinds of vegetation.  Then about 10 years ago the State decided to spray the weeds away and introduced carp to help remove all the grass.  Once all the grass was gone, the water clarity went to hell.  So a couple years ago, the State decided they made a mistake and game officials began physically removing the carp and replanting sections of the shoreline with reeds.

So apparently the lake went from being a crytal clear bass heaven to dirty baren lake.  All thanks to our wildlife officials.  I can't help but wonder how much money they wasted doing all that.  They just couldn't leave well enough alone.  Ok rant over.

In any case, has anyone ever fished this lake?  Got any hot tips?  Or at least a good joke? Anything? Would ya at least pray for gobble?


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well with all of your positive karma, you  should crush 'em.

i would try your normal spring/summer time baits. traps, pointers, jigs, and big worms. good luck.

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I have only fished the lake once.  The only keeper bass that I caught was out of a cove, which is right from the canal to the ramp. Caught on a horney toad. I caught several fish and missed another keeper on the shore line directly accrss from the ramp. Those were on a t-rigged worm.  This was almost a year ago and the water was pretty nasty.  Looked like there was a  big algee bloom. Sorry I couldn't offer any more recent info.  I would like to make another trip so let us know how you do.

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