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The Occoquan River Situation

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Have we had any boaters out on the river in the last week or so between these rains? I know fish were all over the place with the spawn before hand but I'm not sure exactly how the bass spawn works on the Occoquan.

Last I read bass weren't really a migratory fish but all the regulars I have talked to out there at the floating dock, boat docks, etc insist that the bass don't "move into" the Occoquan from the bay until early to mid May. The further into May you get the better your chances of starting to find them. Do they all spawn on the outskirts of the river towards Belmont and then move in?  I know Stripers come up river to spawn then move back out but I had no idea bass moved so far in a river system after spawning.  Do any spawn in the river itself?

My dad and I have some grass lines pegged out that are always good for us at the end of the river that we are gonna fish tommorrow from 6:30-11:30. I figure the fish are gonna be deeper based off the front that just came through and the colder water temps. I'd assume they got pushed back. So we are gonna start with grass edges and channel bends and work our way into the thick stuff as the day goes on. The tide is around 8:30 or something tommorrow so we will be fishing incoming and outgoing. Great timing with my work schedule finally.

Anyone know what they are hitting here now? Anyone finding any decent patterns this year on the river or has anyone found good spring patterns here before?

I am gonna work the grass with spinners and plastics (probably texas and or split shot rigged), might work some rapala originals or lipless floating rapala cranks burned above the grass. If the bite is on I'm gonna search the outside edges for big females with my new lake fork magic shad swimbaits, pre-rigged. Been itching to try them out on the river.

Any info regarding the spawn, current conditions/patterns, and bite would be appreciated fellas. Thanks in advance.

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Did pretty good this morning despite horrible conditions with sustained winds between 10-20mphs and a small craft advisory on the Potomac and Occoquan Rivers.

We caught 7 bass, one Channel Catfish, and one Yellow Perch on a variety of different baits. We started at 7:15am at the mouth of the river out by Belmont Bay and worked our way back finishing at 11:00.

I'll have a detailed report on my Bass Blog (linked in my profile) in an hour or two for those interested in current condtions and the bite on the Occoquan River. Feel free to check it out and comment if you want.

Only two keepers today, I caught one that went 1lb 2oz. My dad caught the other on one of his last casts and it went 2lbs 11ozs. All other fish were dinks under a lb. But it was fun and it was cool we put together fish in tough conditions. Later guys.

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well done. i know that wind made it tough

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It certainly was a tough day today.  I am still disappointed in the one bass that got away, it had to have been between 4 and 5 pounds.  We did do good considering we had terrible conditions high winds, cold muddy water and lots of debris floating in the river and bay.

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