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Fish kill in Quantico Creek on the Potomac?

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Hey guys read some disturbing news in a report my dad just sent me from one of our regular bass report masters around here : Reel Bass Adventures

Quantico Creek apparently has some type of fish kill. I do not know what populations of fish this is affecting and if there are any other types of wildlife affected but my primary concern is that we have the industrial area all over that area of possum point and there may be possible contaminants that somehow managed to escape in the water way? Just seems coincedental if you ask me...

Anyone have further info? I'm just making assumptions, but I hope I'm wrong. Whether or not this will spread further up creek or how far upcreek it has gone thus far is a mystery to me. Just trying to see if the likes of Vekol or any other Potomac fishermen in the area have heard and or seen anything?

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A lot of shad spawn back in there.  Not all of them make it through that ordeal (similar to Salmon).  I don't think there is anything to worry about.

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Thanks for the feedback Shellback.  Sounds like a similar ordeal to the Occoquan Rez lately.  Anyone else been out this way recently (Quantico Creek)?

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