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Fishin in South Florida

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I havent been out in the boat or fishing (new baby) for a couple of months.

Can I live vicariously though some of you guys?

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Check out Peter_F's last couple of post we've been tearing them close by, I think his post is named back to back PBs.  

The peacock bass have been on fire lately and are hitting some x-raps and rattle traps with fury.  

Hope you get out soon enough though man since the temperatures will melt you come summer. Good luck with the new bambino ;D

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i fished the alley on friday and caught over 40 fish. the biggest being around 3 pounds. i fished the spring fling on sunday and had 12 pounds. we went all the way down to the trail and caught about 20 fish. with an hour and a half left we decided to try the miami canal, and we caught over 60 fish between the 2 of us. we ended up culling all of our fish, even though we only weighed in 12 pounds. 28 pounds ended up winning with 19 taking second. the water is dropping, so the fishing should only get better. i also fished on monday from land at a lake by my moms condo. i caught 3 fish and all three were solid 4 pounders. i even had a 40-50 pound tarpon roll on a spook that got my heart racing. i stayed in that same area for about 20 minutes and never saw another tarpon all day.

hows that baby doin? hope all is well, i hope my report gave you a little juice to get by.

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