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Kodiak Zach

Fishin' is finally pickin' up!

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After a week of hardly anything, the Bass'in is starting to pick up. I don't know if it had to with the full moon or the hot weather, but fishing during sunlight hours sucked last week. Well I found a magic bass lure in Wal-Mart in Alabama a few weeks ago, but been having problems finding it down here in Florida. It's a soft plastic jointed shad on a jighead and it seems to be able to pull the bass outta the depths as they sit in deeper water during post-spawn. Of course the Senkos are still working too. Pulled a couple this afternoon outta my lake, and a couple last night outta the pond in my backyard:




Also, my neighbor across the street has been trying to catch a bass for 6 months now. Finally, last night he bucked up and asked me for some advice. First I helped him set the drag on his spincasting reel since he only had 10-lb mono. Then I showed him how to tie a knot on his crappy size 2 eagle claw hooks. Then I told him to catch a bream. Once he had the bream, I showed him where to hook it and told him to toss it in and hang on. Almost immediately after his bait hit the water, BAMMM a bass smacked it. They were biting like everything was the only bait in the water last night. His drag starts zingggging and he starts freaking out like a little girl screaming "What do I do?! What do I do?!?" I coached him through playing the fish and walking it around the dock to shore and within about a minute and a half he had this baby outta the water:


It was funny because he was afraid to lip it and when the fish started freakin out he thought it was gonna eat him. I told him to man up and lip the fish and control it for a pic. Needless to say, he was stoked! He is now making plans for a trip down to Bass Pro to buy a good spinning outfit and gear now  :)


After he had his fish I repeated the methodology and caught this one almost immediately. When my bream hit the water I jerked it up to slap it down and this little chunker literally came outta the water to inhale my bream:



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Well its good to hear that you helped your neighbor. Its really funny that he was scared of the fish. HAHA Great pics and nice fish!!

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