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Rewarding Lunch Break

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I decided despite the heat, chocolate milk for water clarity, the rain earlier this week and the time constraints I would head out during lunch to try my luck at Lake Accotink. One of our well known lakes, though not neccessarily for it's largemouth bass.

I know of a pretty good summer pattern here that has worked well for me (numbers wise) here so I tied on one particular bait and was tossing around at the shallow end of the lake... I know, I know... most of the bass are on the left side of the lake and the shallow area ESPECIALLY during the summer doesn't hold many bass. But their are a few particular areas along the dam that ALWAYS hold fish.

Fortunately even though I only had 20 minutes today on my LAST CAST I managed to get my bait in an area where I saw some carp feeding and rolling on the water... the bass didn't seem to mind though the ones that were feeding top water were swarming around baitfish. I had a big fish (more than likely a carp) hit, but it felt like it grabbed it for a quick second and then rolled on top of it, no fish. Three or four reel rotations later my bait was being pulled down. I set the hook quick and reeled in a small bass just under keeper size. Sure nothing special to most, but given the conditions today, mid-afternoon heat, and unlikelyhood of stumbling upon a feeding frenzy this time in the afternoon I was pretty stoked. Made my day.

Twenty minutes, one bait, one fish, one heart felt smile. Good stuff!

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Good job Jay, it is tough fishing mid day in the high heat.  Glad to see you hooked into one in the short time you were there.

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