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Lake Eufala,AL

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Anyone here fish Lake Eufala in Alabama/Georgia?

I'm thinking of taking my wife and sons there for a few days of my vacation and then fishing Lake Seminole a few days on my way back home. I would normally vacation a lot farther away but gas is ridiculous.

 Just wondering if anyone had a report on what's working over there or not.And maybe some good spots you can afford to share.Thanks.

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Hi gary! I've fished lake eufaula several times. You should be warned that this lake its fair share of rec boaters (drunks)....perhaps more that other lakes. Eufaula is a hard lake to fish (I'd much prefer Seminole). If you've never fished Eufaula, you might consider hiring a local guide for your 1st time. They would be glad to give you some good tips for the lake and not to mention put you on some very good fish. But if you don't like that idea and still plan on fishing Eufaula, my advise would be to stick to the river and creek channels in the main lake during the heat of the day. Early morning and late evening you'd probably find some good fish in the shallows in some thick vegation and at the mouths of creeks. With all that said, I'll say that Eufaula is one of the only lakes that I go to KNOWING that I may not catch or even get a bite from a dang thing. So take my advise for what its worth! I hope this helps and good luck fishin!

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Thanks for the replies.My wife changed her mind so now we're going to fish the St. john's between Astor and Lake George.Women,lol. ;D

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