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lake trafford?

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iv recently finished building up my john boat and i had originally planed on bass fishign with it but i couldn't really find any lakes. iv been trying my hand at inshore fishing for snooks and reds and im sure ill get better at it as i do it more, but what im really good at is bass fishing. so i did some research and it seams like lake trafford is the closest lake to me but iv read some pretty bad things about the lake, is it any good for bass fishing, does anybody fish there anymore? does the lake have a hp limit or anything i should know about.

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Iv fished Trafford a thousand times, I haven't been there in years but i can tell you every time you go it looks different, depends on water levels and weeds, Iv been there when its full of hydrilla pads and grass to the point were you can hardly get around. its a shallow lake. I would check on the level if you can, iv caught some nice fish out of there, we used to camp by the ramp, but I'm talking 15 years ago maybe more. Bring heavy line and toads and scum frogs.

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thanks for the reply. ill have to just go and try it out. i was planning on using live bait since i can throw a cast net pretty good. but iv always fished for bass with artificials, top water baits are always fun.

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