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Vintage lure values?

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Is there a website or resource I can use to find the value of vintage lures? I realize thing are only "worth" what someone will pay you for them but I'd like to have a ballpark amount before I start selling the ones I have.

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How old?  

Who made the lure?

What are they made of? wood, plastic?

What condition are they in?

The older the lure the more value.

Some companies made only a hand full of lures.

Wood baits have more value than plastic but some plastic lures because they where unique or only a few where made can hold value.

The condition of plastic lures and wood depends on how much the lure is worth.

You can find a list of books online.

*On average most lures can range between $10-$50 a unique lure can be up there in price. If the lure is in bad condition it will be less than 10 bucks. Collectable lures like frogs, Jim Pfeffer, wood crazycrawler, and wood jitterbug can be worth quite a bit if in good condition. Vintage lures that where made in 70's and 80's it just depends on the lure and how much someone wants it.

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A decent place to value you're lure currently is compare to one that is about to end on ebay. If not there are several great vintage lure catalogs out there to help you judge and value your collection pieces. My wife and I are in to collecting, she collects lures while I collect old reels. Good Luck


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