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Pascagoula River Bassin

Pascagoula/ Dog rivers... South MS

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Just wondering if anyone on these forums is from around here, and if so, what have you been tearing them up on? I've been doing pretty good in the marsh around I-10 with a Spro Bronzeye Jr. frog... they're few and far between but they always keep.

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I live in Baldwin County, Al. Unfortunately, I have not fished the delta but I have been doing pretty well on nearby ponds. I have been catching them on senkos, zara spook jr's, and frogs.  How big is that fish in your avatar and where did you catch it?

Have you ever fished dream strike lake? I have heard about it on the news.

The BPS is open in Spanish Fort if you feel like driving.

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My girlfriend and I rented a condo in Orange Beach this weekend so luckily I'll be driving that way and can stop by the BPS (girlfriend doesn't know it yet). I actually haven't even heard of Dream Strike lake, but the name sounds pretty good. The bass in the pic went 10-3, caught it in a private pond at midnight, dragging a worm as slow as I could stand it through the stumps. Fish was old and put up almost no fight at all, I actually horsed it in because I thought I hooked a catfish... Almost passed out when she rolled to the surface. She could've went more, but I caught her too late... the egg sack was completely empty, but I have no complaints with a double-digit personal best... closest I've ever caught to that was a 7.

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