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Stick Marsh/Farm 13

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Lots of rain from TS Fay has changed the landscape quite a bit on the lake. Inflow waters are tremendous in quantity, however the spillway area is a mess of incoming weeds. Weeds are spread over much of the Farm as the current disburses in about the lake.

Fishing, as could be expected in the proper place is absolutely top-notch. Most boats have been reporting catches of 50- to over 100 fish per day, with many in the 5-pound and up category. I haven't heard of any of the illusive over-10, but then not everyone is talking. Prior to the storm, as previously reported the fishing remained good on the ditches and intersections of the Farm. The bonanza that we are presently seeing should continue for some time to come as Fay dumped a tremendous amount of water and it all has to get moved.

Presently, which is highly unusual, the C54 gate which moves flood waters to the east is open, so currents are quite strong. Be aware that the current at the ramp flowing around the bend to the north is very strong. If beaching your boat be sure it is well anchored, and I would recommend using the south ramp for the time being, unless the boat is attended. The rain did play with the road a bit and there are numerous pot holes to contend with on your journey of 6.5 miles of bumpety bump.

The St Johns river has taken all the water it can, so for the time being the exit canal in the north west corner is closed. One of the weeds flowing into the lake heavily is hyacinth and at any stop-flow the stuff is backing up. Be aware that they is hyacinth at the ramp. Be sure to clean your trailer before leaving the area as you don't want to transport this to another lake.


Don Willis - Farm 13 - 6 pounds even caught on a Carolina Rig


Don Willis - Farm 13 - 8.2 - caught on a T-rigged Swimming Senko


George - 8 pounds - caught on a Carolina rigged Senko

It's been a bit warm these last few days so remember: plenty of water, sun protection for the skin, and protection for the eyes. Keeping yourself hydrated will keep you from a visit to the doctors. Wearing skin protection is just as important to those that are 5-years old, as to those that are 70. Don't forget it and you won't be forking over large sums of money to the dermatologists.

We are have a blast out there. Give a call.

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