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Tenoroc Strategy...

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Curious, at a place like Tenoroc (phosphate pits) when you are wandering around watching the depth finder and you see structure...do you just stop and fish it or do you wait for structure that shows fish on it?

See I am curious, wouldnt the boat be spooking the fish and thus you would never really see them on there?  If not what is a depth that I can safely say the boat did not spopok the fish, therefore I see no fish on the piece of structure, thus I should move on to another piece of structure?

I am never sure of what to do especially in Tenoroc but also other places that are 8-12 ft.

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Lake B is the only lake I have had much success. I normally fish the points from deeper water. I shallow crankbait or a big creature bait c-riggged. The humps I fish sitting on top and casting to deeper water and retrieving up slope. A 8a bomber in firetiger and a Bitter Bat in junbug have been the best producers. Several fish up to 6 pounds.

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Get with me sometime if you want to learn Tenoroc.  ;) I know all of the lakes and there are some incredible lakes to be fished out there if you know them and know their secrets! From one lake to the next, they can be very different and the fish are the same way. Lk B does have some good deep water fishing, but it also has some great shoreline fishing. Last time on Lk B we had a 40+ Bass day.

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