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Fishing this afternoon again

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I went out fishing again today and caught three more lmbs even though the pond was really muddy from todays rain.  The biggest was 2.5lbs and I caught him on a Cavitron again.  I hope you are all catching some too.


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Went to local private lake and fished off friend's pontoon boat and nailed six but they were all dinks.

The big ones are up lake near the pipe and I plan to visit the guy who lives by the pipe and see if I can fish the pipe.

My friend got a five-pounder off the pipe last week before the storm hit us plus two three-pounders.  I just got to get to that pipe!

I guess you are our Russ Limbaugh of fishing - Catching all the fish with one hand tied behind your back!  ;D

Little Jason arrived, yet?  :)

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Not yet, 8 days left until the due date.

I have been having pretty good luck fishing lately, I have caught quite a few nice size lmbs in the last few days.  Last Sunday morning I caught a total of 12 lmbs, I caught a 4lb, a 3.5lb, a couple of 3lb and quite a few between 2 and 3lbs.  Yesterday I caught a 3.5lb, a 2.25lb and a 1.5lb lmb.  Not bad for a couple of days of fishing.

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I am looking at going to friend's pond in Dinwiddie County next week.

The fish are beautiful and I caught two 5 pounders last time plus many over 2.5 pounds.

With the rain we have been receiving the water will be higher and cooler so the fishing should be great.  :)

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