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Lake Arbuckle, Florida

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I have heard that Fay has made Lake Arbuckle "fishable" again, so our club is gonna fish a tourney there. Can anyone shed any light on methods for this lake. I notice on Google Earth that there only a few homes with only a couple of docks on the south end of the lake. Again, any info that could be shared would be greatly appreciated. ;)

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Ok, Arbuckle report.......What a beautiful lake. And its a fishing lake too. No water skiiers, no jetskiiers.....a nice change from most other lakes our club has fished. 15 fished....15 caught fish......LOTS of fish. Only 13 weighed anything in. Most fish caught were around 13 inches. But give it time. These were some of the scrappiest fish I have ever caught. fat, healthy, scrappy 13 inch fish. When they grow up, boy are they gonna be a blast. Oh and by the way, I won the tournament with only 3 fish....total weight 6.06. my biggest was 2.15. big fish of the tourney went 3.07. Caught all mine on Bass Assassin "Twitches"....red shad color. All in all a great time....Must have caught 20 to 25 fish in an area about 30 yards long and 15 yards wide. Look forward to going back next year.....

Tight Lines Everybody!! ;D

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