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Good weekend on Lake tarpon

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Hi Guys,

Anybody else here do any fishing on Lake Tarpon.

My brother and I went out saturday and caught 18 LMB.

Several of them in the 3 lb range.

I keep trying different things but have been catching them all on worms.

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I have fished pretty much every major lake in Florida in my 40 years of chasing these stupid fish, I have to say that Tarpon has kicked my but every time.

That sounds like a good day. Were you fishing the submerged structure?

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Hey gar tracker.

Every fish was caught on a worm.

We threw them next to the tall grass and worked them slow back to the boat.

Usually 10-15 feet off of the tall grass, there is some submerged grass( I think hydrilla) and that is where just about every bite came at.

I keep trying topwaters in the morning and cranks and spinners off and on all day, but they really like the worms.

the guys fishing the tournaments usually fish the offshore structure and catch larger fish, but we have had several decent sized ones right off the grass.

My largest is about 5-5.5 lbs just a couple weeks ago.

I didn't have a scale then but do now.

My wife caught a 4lb 11oz one two weeks ago on the same worms I have been using.

I have also had a couple large ones on and lost them, but that means they will still be there next time and I am ready to catch them again.

I can't wait until I catch a larger one.

i know there are some 10 plus pounders in there and eventually one of them will be paying me a visit in the boat.

Believe me, you will hear about it when I do.

Next time you feel like fishing there, let me know.

I have an empty seat on the boat every now and then.

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Sounds good, sounds like your on some nice fish, try a top water Zara Spook, but don't get caught up in that early morning only for top water deal, the biggest top water fish I have caught have been after 1200, big fish eat in the middle of the day.

Work that big Spook over that grass real aggressive and I bet you raise a hog.

As a matter of fact that 9 1/2 I'm holding in the picture came at 100pm on a tiny torpedo, in a hole over hydrilla.

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I'm from Indiana but have fished Tarpon several times when visiting family down there.  You might want to also try running a lipless crank over the grass this time of year.  I have caught some nice fish using that method.

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