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Curtis Lake - Stafford Va

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Has anyone fished Curtis Lake lately? If so what patterns where working and what conditions were you fishing? I try to make a trip there once or twice a year, might get my chance sometime this week.

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Haven't fished it since earlier this year (late spring). The patterns will most likely be much different. But a couple of guys on a boat out there ran into us shore fishing and told us to tie on traps and work the shallow stickups on the backside of the lake around the beaver huts and anywhere there was a decent point. Sure enough my dad nabbed a couple and a friend of mine did the same. This time of year with the crankbait bite picking back up it could be useful.

Curtis can be tough. Other methods I've found to work are swimming jigs above the submerged grass by the small piers around the parking lot area. I normally cast out and parallel to shore as far as I can. Have hooked into a couple decent ones that way. If you figure out the fall rate and the depth where the grass starts and pause the bait and let it sink in slightly then hop it you will get bit eventually.

Only other baits I've had success with are texas rigged and wacky rigged weightless 5" senkos. But only to the right of the piers where the larger trees are in the water. The edge of the grass there (mid year) attracts TONS of bait fish. And if you can find one good tree adjacent to that shallow area you could manage to catch a few.

Good luck and let us know how you do.

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Theres always bass at the community hole, across the lake where there is a clear area with cut grass and one lone stick up(do not know if it is still there) it is where the geese congregate, if you fish it all the locals work the point with cranks, I favor a finesse worm, dead stick it till it hurts then twitch it in the stuff you can't crank ;) If you fish the community hole say hello to my buddy, he's(at least I think he's a he) a big white goose with a funny looking beak. He is hilarious, he was quacking at me when I tripped and fell, like he was laughing ;D He likes bread or crusts from poptarts ;)

If you wanna try something fun, take an ultralight and some night crawlers and put a split shot 12-18 inches above a size 1 or 2 hook, nose hook the crawler and stitch/slowly drag it back to you

This works very well at the dam, my dad has lost some nice bass and landed some decent ones with it ;)

As usual in the fall the uplake bite will be good if you can get up there.......

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I was there late July/early August and did pretty well throwing weightless texas rig Senkos in grass beds. Try the ones at the upper end of the lake where they are mixed with with standing wood.

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