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Occoquan Reservoir report.

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Hit the Occoquan Reservoir this weekend and chose the wrong day as Saturday was much more favorable weather.  Wind played a small role in the strategy but all worked out in the end.  

I launched out of Lake Ridge 7:30 am and hit a long deep cove right off.  Threw spinnerbaits, cranks and super flukes at wood and the tree tops and found nothing.  Hit the usual holes that I get at least a dink in and nothing.  Finally hooked up with a dink on a shad colored crank in the back of the cove but could not repeat.  

I decided to motor out and headed all the way down reservoir and started to flip worms and flukes into the grass.  got a few short strikes but no takers.  Slowed it down with a junebug trick worm shakeyhead in the grass and they turned on.  Managed 4, 1-2 pounders all in grass near deeper water.  3 came in close to grass and one was about 5 feet off.  Fished the grass line till it ended then cranked one pass along a deeper wall as I was making suspended fish.  3.5 pounder slammed my deep crank on the second cast.  Threw a few dozen more casts with no takers.  Switched up to slow rolled spinner bait, lipless crank, jerk bait and nothing.  Ended the day there.

Only saw 4 other boats fishing.  But then again there was a regatta going on.  

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        I heard there was a big fish tournement on Sunday, I wonder who won and the weight.........

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Dillinger caught the big fish, it was 5.3 lbs. Alot of guys including myself were catchin fish all day, but just nothin that big. Saw some beautiful smallmouth weighed in and nice sized keepers too. I was catchin em all day on jigs/ junebug trickworms on a shakey head but nothin of size. Biggest I caught was 2.5lbs. A great day of fishin overall.

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Still looking for those big fish....Went out yesterday (11-9) from 7am to about 3pm.  Managed 8 or 9 total. Started out down reservoir near the Lake Ridge HOA ramp fishing the stumps and snags.  Managed two in the 2 lb range (pictured below).  Saw a lot of shad being chased just under the surface but had no takers on the crankbaits.  

Later moved up to Sandy Run.  Wind blew all directions so getting a good drift up or down was challenging.  Threw some tubes and trick worms to the wood and overhangs with little luck.  One 1.5 lber came off wood on the eastern bank.  Finally got a drift down and switched to the crank.  Managed 3 more in rapid succession on a secondary point with a Bomber A in Tennessee Shad.  Had a few more bumps but no takers.  

Switched to cranking more main lake points and picked up a few more small ones along the way.  Ended the day with another 2 pounder on the stump flat in front of Lake Ridge Marina on the main lake.  

All in all a good day.  Nice to be out with few other boats around.  Anyone else having any luck out there with sizable fish?  


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