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okeechobee advice

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Im fishing a tourney next sunday out of Belle Glade (Public ramp next to Slims fish camp).

I have not fished the big O since spring and before all the rains and the increased lake level.

I have been told that the lake looks alot different because of the new weed growth.

Im looking for any advice for which direction or area to go on the lake.

Fishing the rim canal is out due to the muddy chocolate milk color water.

I know that if I can get back into the weeds and find a clearing, the water is clear.

Anyone have any current info they want to share?

Also, anyone have a link to a map of the cuts near belle glade from the rim canal. I checked mapquest and google earth, but I am not sure if it up to date.


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I dont know the locations of the cuts, etc.

Is there a map to help me out?

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If you haven't been there since the water had come up you are in for a big surprise.

Find some clean water in the grass and start chucking that frog. Theres miles of nice water right outside Boy Scout Cut. Thats just on your right when exiting Slims.

Good Luck

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Hey Guys,

The trip to the O(belle glade) was a tough day. A cold front passed through saturday night and the temps were in the 50's with a howling 30 MPH north wind. At 5AM at the launch, it was a bit chilly for a fla boy.

At first light I headed into boyscout cut. The lake was completely choked with 12"grass except for two 10' wide trails cut by boat traffic.

I took the right hand trail and headed NW then north. It was a blast zig zagging the trail at 50 MPH into that wind. It is times like these I was glad for my Procrafts windshield. After a few miles, I got close to the open lake, and was met by 2-3 ft rollers through the grass. I stopped and tried to fish. To much weeds, wind and waves. I tried using the frog around the trail,but it was tough controlling the boat.

I saw a small 3' wide trail in the grass heading east toward Torrey island. I went for it and made my way to open water with a wind break

thanks to some large brush and trees. Finally in bussiness.

I alternated horney toads (green/yellow, june bug, white, black) with 10" & 6"(wat/red, red/pearl/green, pumpkin/red ) worms. I also threw strike king and rapala shad crankbaits ...Not a bite on anything !

After a few hours of nothing, I decided to move. Go to crank the trusty

black max...the starter just spins with out engaging. 5 more times and I start cussing. Finally after about 15 tries the motor engages and fires up. Whew. I start heading back to the 10' wide trail and everything looks different. Thank goodness for the GPS. I headed west and after I burned a new trail, I found my way to the 10' wide trail.I headed south and SE, back to the rim canal. At the canal I hung a right and headed toward Clewiston stopping at the dynamite holes halfway there.

As I shut off the motor, Im thinking the starter will work again. So I test it. Fired up 1st time. No worries. I fished for two more hours. Not a single bite. Decided to call it a day and pack up and head home for some food and football. The starter acts up again. I lost count and I was thinking if IT WOULD ONLY START, I would head straight back to the trailer. Finally, it starts. I headed back to the dock without incident.

At the ramp, there was a couple of other boats from the tourney leaving as well. The guys had the same luck as I did.

I was lucky today anyway. I went fishing, saw some beautiful souroundings and had a few laughs with good friends.

As I pulled into my driveway at home, I noticed the bearing buddy on my single axle was missing. I looked closer and to my shock the wheel bearing was destroyed. I could not believe the wheel didnt fly off. I just drove 75 miles at 65 MPH. I was lucky again.

Let see..I need axle bearings...a new starter....

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I fished Saturday and was about a 1/2 mile in towards the rim canal from were you came to the lake on that trail, I won our tourney with 17lbs, but that was Saturday warm pre front conditions, they were biting like mad, I said tomorrow ( Sunday ) was going to be ruff, I guess i was right.

Its nice getting on the good side of the front now and then, believe me Iv been on the bad side plenty.

I saw the biggest water moccasin i have ever seen in my life, it was about 6 feet long and was about as thick as my arm.

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