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Fall in the Carolina's

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I have read numerous articles that state fall is the time for catching plenty of bass - large and small.

If this is true why are all the fisheman I talk to saying its too cold for the fish to bite. We aren't catching much. Since fall hit I have caught just 1 - and fish Avidly on my comunity pond thru the week and "Francis J. Bettie Park's" large lake. (From Shore).

Every article sugests spinner / crank baits and the few I try seem to get very little bites. My single Fall bass was caught on a Zoom Cotton Candy Texas Riged W/ a Red Glass bead.

Is there any tricks that are garenteed to work in the Carolinas (As well as other places im sure) that somone could recomend?

I use a cheeper Spinning reel (open end) as its all i can afford at the time (Will be updating after Xmas) with 8lb line. I have the basics for soft bait and am on a low budget at the time. Im not looking for BIG bass just Bass period.

The Spillways and creeks are usualy where I go on the lake (No boats allowed) so its all from the shore I get a few bites but dont seem to land them (Posibly my 1 or 2/O hook??? )

Thanks for your time. - Confused Carolinian.

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Hey dude! The trick is to slow down. The fish won't stop biting, but they won't bite as much. Try huge plastics, i.e. 10" worms on a carolina or texas rig. Fish SLOW!

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I Like to think im going slow ... I usualy reel in about 6 inches and count to 30. about a spin (of the handle) count to 30. 1revolution, 30, rev 30 etc... My worm stays on the bottom and have been trying with Gary Yamamoto Custom Bait, a 5in Senko is pretty large used with a 4/0 and a bullet weight. Or a 1/O or 2/O with a zoom cottoncandy Are these 1 and 2O too small?

 Should i start counting higher? Or Drink more beer between reelin in?

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You should definitely drink more beer.  ;) That can never hurt.

Some people like to let the bait sit about a minute on the initial cast. It sounds like you have the speed down. Think about going up to a 10" worm though, that'll help. Check out the Rage Tail Anaconda too. Try a bulky jig, or a trick worm on a shakey head.

I like to use 3/0 hooks on 5" Senkos, but thats just personal preference.

Try searching through the General Fishing forum for Fall related topics. Theres a ton of info there.

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I will throw in my two cents on catching those tough fall NC bass. They do feed up for winter but it can vary greatly from lake to lake and even day to day. What I've found is that when they are feeding you will catch them on worms, senkos, any plastics and hard lures as well...but when they are neutral (which is most of the time) you can still get bit with a reaction bait like a jig, crank, spinnerbait etc. Since you are using a spinning reel I would suggest learning to drop-shot and get some light jigs in 1/4 or 3/8oz. Jigs have caught some really nice bass for me the last month...and I didn't have to crawl them slowly to get bit. As soon as it dropped on their head or on the first one or two hops they popped it...and these are quality fish in the 3 to 8 pound range. So if you know there are some good fish in your waters give it a shot...key on shallow to mid-depth wood and rocks if you can find it. The drop-shot will probably catch the smaller fish and the jig will take care of the big girls. Good luck.

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