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Lake Gaston

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I am going to Gaston for two days next week for some fun fishing, and I am wondering where to start. This will be my first time fishing it and was wondering iif anyone had any info pertaining to what type of lures to start with, main lake or creeks, and I guess from recent patterns a general depth to start with. Thanks.

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I haven't been down to Gaston in a month and a half, but usually I'm down there every other weekend. This time last year we were catching them everywhere, main lake points, steep walls, docks, creeks, you name it. Definitely try to get into peahill creek, it's huge and is basically it's own lake. Only difference was that last year they sprayed for all of the hydrilla and this year they didn't so I don't know how it will effect the fish but I will find out soon enough. Crankbaits, jigs, jerkbaits and spinnerbaits worked slow around points should be working well right now though. Try black/blue jigs, junebug colored plastics, shad colored cranks and if you have one a chartreuse shad jerkbait (they love it). Last year I was killing them on 1/2 oz evolution jigs working them up points and steep bluffs when they were deep, and then when they were shallow on that jerkbait. When they are deep try getting your boat up shallow and pull the bait up the bluff or point and make sure you slam any cover down there.

There are some really nice fish at Gaston, hope you catch em' up and have a great time.

Good lucky, hope this helps

Again, haven't been down in a while, this is all information from LAST YEAR so it may work, but then again it may not.


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 I greatly appreciate your time posting that detailed info. I will try what you said and let you know the results. Thanks for the info once again.


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Where are you launching?  ;)

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  The guy I am going with said somewhere near the Americamp?  This is my first trip to Gaston and I am getting excited. I have fished Kerr a few times but I am hearing more and more that Gaston blows Kerr out of  water. ( No pun intended) .

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Some suggestions regarding Gaston:

Americamp is on Great Creek.  Fish around Americamp as this is where lots of tournaments hold their weigh-ins.

Across from Americamp is a cove right outside of the "No Wake Zone." Fish this area and also fish the Creek back up towards Holly Grove Marina.

Leave Great Creek and head LEFT and give the Holly Grove Estates cove a try.  It is the first cove on your left as you head downriver from Great Creek.

You can continue down river and fish the mouth of Popular Creek. Fish the points and any grass you can find.  Fish along the boat docks and piers in the area, too.

Across from Popular Creek and heading back upriver, look for Jordan Creek.  Fish the boat docks in Jordan Creek.  Go back into Sixpound Creek and fish both sides of the bridge. Spend some time on the other side of the bridge throwing jigs and worms all around the mouth of the bridge.

Also caught them on Carolina rigs in this area.

Try your moving baits, too, like your spinnerbaits and crankbaits.

The bridge is small so we are not talking about a great distance.  Maybe 50 feet, or less.

Got some nice fish in this area in the past and you can not go too far as the water gets shallow as you go away from the bridge so stay close to the bridge opening and by the houses.

You all are to go under the bridge and fish the mouth of the bridge; to the right and left of the bridge; and by the white house.

Then, if you head upriver you can fish the Buckhead area by the beaver dams or across the river by Mountain Rock down to and past Thornton Place.

Hawtree Creek can be OK but it is not on my top 10 list.

Heading towards Eaton Ferry Road Bridge you can hit Hubquarter Creek.  See if you can find the tree trunks.  But Hubquarter is BIG so look for any grass beds or tree trunks or fish the docks and boathouses.

On the northside of the river, look for Fernwood Estates.  Fish that area, in the cove.

Way down river is the dam. Head towards the lower dam (Gaston Dam) and try along the bank from Little Stonehouse Creek down to Pretty Creek.  You can fish Pretty Creek, too.

If there is still grass by Cedar Hill give that bank a try. It is across from the boat landing at Sandy Trace.

Pea Hill Creek is always a goodplace but it is BIG.  This is a favorite place for the guys who fish Gaston.

At the dam you can fish the islands to your right and the rip rap along the shoreline towards the dam.  Throw pointers and crankbaits or a Carolina rig.

There are a lot of boat docks and piers; ledges; rocks; wood; bushes; islands; trees hanging over the water; marinas; etc. that you can drive yourselves crazy.

I suggest getting a GMCO map of Gaston and seleing an area to try your luck. The lake is way too big to try to fish all places in one day.

And no telling where the fish are based on the shad patterns and the weather.

Good luck.  ;)

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Don't forget your jig and pigs, especially in Sixpound Creek on the other side of the bridge.

For some reason, they just like black and blue jigs and pigs in this area.

Check out other jig colors, too, to see if they will work.  ;)

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