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Lake Jordan Report PLEASE!!!

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The weather here in alabama has been amazingly awesome this week. It hasn't dipped below about 55 all week and the highs have been in the 70s. I'm thinking with this week of warmer weather in the middle of all the cold, the fishies will be going nuts!!!!! I'm having a really tough time deciding whether i'm going to go close to home at West Point or make the 1.5 hour drive to Jordan tomorrow!!!! Jordan has way more structure and docks and grass and everything....I'm new to West point lake, but then again, now might be a good time to go get some confidence over there...What do you think?

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I was able to get out for a few hours on Friday.  I did not stray far from the Camp Chandler ramp though.  Most of the guys I saw at the ramp were going up the lake to the more riverene section.  Water temp was in the high 50's in open water and a couple degrees higher in the back of creeks.    

   I caught a couple of LM's in the back of a creek on brush piles / docks with a steep bank and 4 to 6 feet of water if front of it.  The bass were only 1.5 to 2lbs. No spotted bass.   I went shallower / farther back and saw nothing.   No bait, no birds etc. only turtles.  

  If I had more time I would look for creeks with significant water flowing out of them and then look for shad schools and then look for ambush points for the fish.  

  Let us know how it goes whether on Jordan or West Pt., as I would think the patterns would be similar on most lakes in the area.  

Roll Tide,

Bama Nate

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