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North Carolina - Troubles!

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Hey all - Im in Matthews (Charlotte Area) Fishing at local parks and ponds somtimes Lake Wiley and the Catawba River, but im not having any luck at all.

Its been since November 4th I caught my last bass and ive tryed everything - Got the SLOW DOWN part ... I cast wait 30 seconds reel 1X count to 40 reel 2x wait 30 half a reel ... and so on with differant combos. Mostly Texas riged Zoom Cottoncandy (Worked this time last year)

can anyone give me a good combo that will work - some of the guys out here say the bass have lockjaw and wont bite right now because of the colder weather however I dont believe them.

Someone from NC PLEASE help me out (Or anyone who knows what im doing wrong) is there a specific bait that will work this time of year out here and if so where can i get one - I just need to pull somthing in other than weeds.

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I was out Saturday on Wylie playing with some new Sebile swimbait mods I wanted to try just watching retrieve and observing swim tweaking etc.

I was burning the things...I mean fast as I could and caught 7....no monsters all in the 1-2.5lb range

The first was a shock after that it was well lets see how long this works

bad thing is I am now hooked on my mods, I know I wont give up on them even if they never catch another fish.

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The problem with Wylie is there are so many great places to go. Just from the launch we go to, i can never decide which way to run on that lake.

That being said i have had many days on Wylie where i have fished the "perfect" spot and not picked up anything except tons of fish on my fish finder.

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If you just want to catch any fish, get some 1/8 oz Panther Martin Inline Spinners. Orange skirt with a gold blade. If you want to catch fewer but bigger bass, try a small black and blue jig or a flatsided crankbait. This warm weather has turned the bite on pretty well.

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