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Bass Fishing on Fort Benning and surrounding areas

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Is anybody familiar with the lakes on Fort Benning? If so which ones are good to fish.

And which bass fishing holes are close to either Phenix City, AL or Columbus?



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Welcome to the site!  I live right down the road here in Opelika, and I'm not sure about any lakes that are actually on post, but I think your best options are going to be lake harding and West point. Harding will prob. take you about 30 min to get to, west point about 45 depending on were in the area you are.  

In my opinion and based on my experiences, you can catch plenty of dinks on lake harding, but much better quality on West Point. Don't know where you're originally from, but the fishing on these lakes can be tough to get used to. They are both pretty clear, and neither has a whole lot of grass or trees or other types of obvious cover, so to me, it has been more like an offshore deepwater kind of deal...lots of point fishing..I haven't been able to fish either of these lakes during the spring, so i'm in for a bit of a surprise there....moved over this way back at the beginning of the summer. Then, there's always Eufaula about an hour away which holds some absolute monsters. Good luck. Don't hesitate to send me a PM or just post on here for more info.

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thanks for the reply JimmieO,

those two lakes that you talked about were the two that i was going to try out one of these days, there is a couple on post that i heard that wernt to bad, im gonna give those a shot also. thanks for the info and if anybody else has anymore info about on post fishing let me know, thanks

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I'm down at Ft Rucker, in Dothan, AL.  Eufala definately gets my vote.  There are some BIG fish in that lake (and gators too!) everything from LMB to stripers, cats, and great crappie fishing too.

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