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lake anna hot side help

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i will be fishing a tournament here in february and have never laid eyes on the lake. i will be the non boater so i am in whoever's mercy which i draw.  i was just wondering what could be good this time of year. my strongpoints are drop shotting and shakey heading, but i mainly fish deep highland reservoirs .  is this lake shallow? deep?

thanks a lot

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First, get a GMCO map of Lake Anna so you can study it and be familiar with that body of water. Google GMCO maps and you can get to their site and see what they offer for Lake Anna maps.

Second, being a non-boater and never having been on the hot side, the boater will take you to where he wants to fish. Contact him and find out what he is going to be throwing and if he wants to fish the shoreline or if he has a "secret" place.  Let me know the secret place!!!  ;D

Third, we usually fish the shoreline so the fishing area is actually shallow to about 15 feet. When viewing the GMCO map, get a marker and highlight all areas of the lake from 5 to 15 feet.  These are the areas you will probably be fishing.

Remember, the air temperature will be cold while the water temperatures will be in the 60s.  Maybe the high 60s if the reactor has been turned on the week prior or during the tournament.

The hot side has lots of docks and piers; bulkheads; coves; canals; dikes; creeks; rock banks; some bridges; and some good flats and points. Each creek has its special places.

Shaky Head, Wacky Worm, Texas-rigged plastics, crankbaits, jigs and Carolina rigs can all be productive. Topwaters in the AM can also work.  Try your Chugbugs and Cavitron buzzbaits.

Try a Glimmer Blue trick worm on a Shaky Head presentation. Ghost Minnow or Sexy Shad crankbaits are good. You may have to use a deep diver to stir up the bottom.  Skip plastic worms, Shaky Heads, Wacky Senkos or plastic worms and GY Kreature baits from your spinning rigs under docks, piers and boats.

The water can go from clear to stained.  Never seen it dirty.  You want the stained water.

Throw the Carolina rig on the flats and off points.

Dike Two has rocks so you can throw a jig and pig. But be prepared to lose a bunch of jigs in the rocks. And you can throw the jig and pig where you throw your worms, too.

Check the moon phases and remember that the week before the full moon is the best fishing.

You will like the hot side of Anna.  Last time out I caught 10, all around 12 to 15 inches, off the boat docks and piers and under the moored boats.  Caught them on plastic worms and crankbaits off docks and boat houses.

Have fun; wear your PFD; dress warm; bring food and drink; get tackle organized and have some fun fishing "warm" water as you freeze your butt off!  ;)

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thanks for your info.  we will actually be fishing against each other kinda like ultimate bass challange, so i better not tickle his nose too much.

i found a map on google and saw where the hot side is.  i found the dikes and the canals that attach each piece.  the trick worm sounds good never tried that on a shakey head.

thanks again for your info!

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They are currently having a outage at the power plant. The water is cooling off more than normal. The key to catching the bigger fish on the hot side is fishing off shore old road beds, bridges etc.. If you are going in late Feb. there may be some sight fishing also.

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Spoke with frined who lives on the Hot Side of Anna and he said there was fog on the lake today.

The reactor is back on line!!!!!  :D

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