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Learning how to fish for bass around Ocala, Florida.

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I moved to Ocala, Florida a couple months ago and started bass fishing. I went to a friends pond that hadn't been fished in years. As you might imagine, I could throw in a tin can and catch a 3-4 lb. bass from a half-acre pond.

So now, I've been to the banks of the Ocklawaha River, Lake Wauberg, Horseshoe Lake, and the lake in city park near the square in Ocala without a single bite. I've thrown bubble gum finesse worms shakyhead. I've thrown 5 inch senko's wacky, 4 in Chartreuse worms texas rigged, kreature bait with a florida rig,  chug bug's, sr7 glass rap. lipless cranks...

I've watched about 1000 fishing videos on youtube. I watch about every fishing show I can find on VS. I don't proclaim to know ANYTHING about bass fishing, but you'd think I'd get a bite at least.

So, what am I missing. Obviously there's something.

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im from jacksonville and fish the area a lot, if I were you I would start simple! watermelon, watermelon red, junebug, and black and blue in sencos, trick worms and flukes. also I would try 1/4 oz. rattle traps in gold and silver. other good Ideas are spinner baits and small crankbaits(bandits). Find grass and fish slow! commonly the slower you fish the better your chances. if you want to go a little easier you could also use shinners, but if you do PLEASE use circle hooks. if you have any questions feel free to PM me. hope this helps.

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well i live in seminole county florida and latley ive been almost dead sticking a watermelon red fluke when the suns out. but when the suns not out ive been throwing a brown jig just bearly twitchin it.

all i got to say is match the hatch.

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