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Black Creek / St. Johns River problems?

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Alright, heres the deal... I've taken the boat out 3 different times on Black Creek, launching from Middleburg, FL, trying to pull some bass from "the best bass fishery on the St. John's". Easier said than done, I tell ya'! Now for the problems I am having...

For those that don't know Black Creek ... the water is a black coffee color, not too murky... I can see a white spinnerbait about 4-7 feet down, lily pads, some floating grass, docks, and fallen trees are the cover that I see. It is a sandy / muddy bottom in 99% of the areas. The overhanging and fallen trees make it very hard to cast anything with more than 1 hook in it.

I have been launching in the A.M. around 7:00A - 8:00A, and getting off the water about 1:00P - 2:00P. I don't have a depth finder or thermometer, but if I had to guess the water temps, I would say mid to upper 60's, maybe low 70's... I would swim in it, so it's not that cold. I have pulled redbreast out of there, but no bass so far.

The tackle I use is...

6'3" Medium Light BPS Crankin Stick

BPS Prolite Finesse Baitcaster

8lb Vanish Flourocarbon

6'6" Medium Light F&S 1872 1Piece IM8

Okuma Stratus XTS20 Spinning

6lb Pline Copolymer line

The lures I have used are as follows...

Worms / Plastics:

Weightless Senko (Red Shad, Black/Blue Fleck, Black, Watermelon Seed)

Gulp 7" Turtle Back Worm (Junebug, Tequila Sunrise)

Super Fluke (Watermelon Seed, Silver / Black Back)


Rapala F9 Jerkbait (Gold Body, Black Back, Orange Belly)


Black / Chartreuse 3/8oz Single Colorado Nickel

White 3/16oz Pond Magic Copper Colorado / Willowleaf

Brown / Green 3/16oz Pond Magic Copper Colorado / Willowleaf


Black 1/2oz Walmart Modified


Manns Minus-1 Shallow Chartreuse / Purple Belly

Manns Minus-1 Shallow Bluegill

Silver / Black 1/4oz RattleTrap

There may be a few more that I have used as well, but I am just not having any luck at all. Is there something that I may be missing? Anyone have any luck on this creek, willing to offer some advice? Thank you in advance, and if I remember any more I will edit my post.

Edit:  The only patterns that I have noticed so far, is right when I am getting off the water, or on the way back to the ramp, I am starting to see swirls, or hear bigger splashes from fish.   Would the water temp from the AM to afternoon be that big of a difference, or effect the fish that bad?  When does dusk fishing pick up, and should I be waiting til later afternoon to go?  Am I clear on the pattern I am seeing?  Thank you again, if this is "the best bass fishery on the St John's" I want to find out!

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I personally dont like black creek, where i have had luck is fishing areas with multiple kinds of grass together, you could catchem on either the fluke or senco. also the canals especailly the one with the sunken sail boat out side can be very good. look for drop offs and try cranking them, there are some big one drops from like 4 or 5 to 20 feet although if u hang some thing big it is likely a very big catfish. but i would stick to soft plastics around grass and where there is wood and grass. and the water is actually around 62- 65 there I was in both rodman and doctor lake this week.

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