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My first tourny of the season! Pics!

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We hit local Lake Pelham here in Culpeper VA this morning at 7:30 and fished until 3 this afternoon and the pic of me in the hoody (not the best facial expression of mine lol) was my biggest fish of the day. In 47 degree water temps i think i did pretty decent. The second pic was taken just a day b4 (saturday) where i snagged it on a buzzbait and the very next cast afterwards, another just like it! Comments welcome, thanks for lookin!



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Nice fish. What did the big one fall to? Might have to head out there after all! Maybe you can show me some of the finer points of Pelham.

Got out to Thornburg, on a private lake yesterday and caught a decent dink. I'm just happy I got that first fish of the season out of the way, haha  ;D

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Welcome to the Board, Jonny!

Nice fish!  It always feels great to get those first ones out of the way early in the year :)

Keep whackin' 'em, and be sure to post all your results!

Tight Lines

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Thanks for everyones opinions. Its nice to see the compliments, the big tourny fish fell to a shaky head work (believe it or not! lol) and as you can see the other fell to a black buzz bait. I was a bit surprised too that he hit on the buzz but it was just a hunch, so i threw it out there and got a few good bites! The pic was the only one worthy of talking about. Unfortunately i was alone so i had to take the pic just holding the fish lol the only scale i have is my hand to his mouth lol. Yeah it feels great to knock down the early catches, this is the earliest i've ever started the season and the first season i've really hit up any tournaments, its going well so far! Thanks for the compliments, good luck fishing to all of you as well!

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