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Looking for help on the Crystal River, Ocala, Fl

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Has anyone fished here? If so, what do y'all typically typically throw? For those who don't know but may be able to offer some insight, the water is super-clear, hence the name. There are a ton of logs and lily pads along the banks and the water moves fairly quickly. I fish exclusively from the bank...for better or worse.

I've pitched a smoke w/ silver flake Senco t-rigged weightless around the logs and pads. I've cought a couple small bass, less than 1/2 lb. The problem with the logs and pads is the fact that if I want to pitch to them, I'm basically on top of them from the bank. And, as you might imagine, the fish shy away from the shadow that my 6'5" frame throws upon them. Since the water is super clear the fish can definitely see me.

I've tried a 1/4 oz. jig w/ a pumpkinseed Netbait Paca Craw trailer but haven't gotten so much as a nibble. I've had success w/ this jig on some other ponds but none the river.

There are plenty of shad and smaller bluegill around, so I've thrown a glass rap and a lipless that are pretty natural towards the middle of the river, but it seems that the only thing I catch successfully w/ these are mountains of hydrilla. I also have some smoke shad flukes, but the current drags them right into the pads, resulting a snagged bait.

I'm a fairly new bass fisherman, so any insight on my situation would be great.

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