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Guntersville in Alabama

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I'm heading down to Guntersville on 4/4 for a week of bass fishing.  I've never been there and was hoping to get some info on the lake for this time of year.  I'll be staying at the state park in some cabins with about 12 other guys.

I know very little about this lake other than I have heard it has a lot of grass and lipless crankbaits are good baits there.  I'm hoping the some of the bigger fish are up and shallow by then.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.



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I haven't been to Guntersville in a few years, but I have several friends that live and fish there. Your best bet would be to check in at local tackle shops around the lake. For several years, TVA has tried to kill the water vegetation in several areas which has affected certain areas of the fishery alot. Some of the great old fishing holes are no longer there, because a lakefront subdivision was built close by and the grass was ugly and harmed their Seedoos. Don't get me wrong, the fishery has survived, but the fish are in different areas. Lucky for the fish, TVA has decided to stop it's herbicide program.

Oh, by the way, I work for TVA ::)

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While I was fishing Lake Weiss last week a friend was fishing Guntersville. He said they wacked them pretty good on jerkbaits instead of the usual rattlebaits. But I would take a few red Excaliber rattlebaits with me if I were you. I didn't ask where or what color/make jerkbait he was using..................Al

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