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Anyone Fish Lake Murry in South Carolina?

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I live an hour from Murray but I've only fished it once. I love that lake. It fishes like my two favorite lakes combined into one compact package.

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I hit Wylie mainly, but I have been very interested in visiting Murray. How is the lake? What types of terrain/fishing it have? How crowded is it?

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I am about 20 min. from Lake Murray and fish it every weekend. The SCDNR relesed carp in the lake a while back to get rid of some the hydrilla you can check it out here http://www.scapms.org/lkmurraygrasscarp.html. It has some good mix of structure and cover. I can say that just about any technique you want to try out you can find a place for it on Murray.  They have planted some cypress trees,button bushes (2 friends of mine tore them up on a spot with the button bushes and a jig ,28 bass between the 2 )and other plants you can check it out here http://www.dnr.sc.gov/invasiveweeds/habitatenhancement.html.

Right now is the best time to go it is not crowded at all but I am starting to notice more activity on the lake. I saw the first jet ski out about 3 weeks ago (it was about 80 that weekend) so it won't be long.

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