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Any open seats in Orlando area week of May 16th to 24th?

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Hi everyone. I live in Oregon but flying down the week of May 16th to the 24th to see my son in college. Anyway we were thinking about doing some bass fishing and also if possible tarpon fishing. Any suggestions? I'd be happy to pay for the gas, bait etc for a tarpon trip.

thank you


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Well I probably don't have to tell you that going in cold to an area is tough to say the least but I'll throw out a couple of ideas.  On East Lake Toho there is a boat rental outfit- I haven't been there for a while but I'm pretty sure it's still there.  Now a days probably around $60 to rent a 15' fiberglass with 5-10 hp motor.

  E. Lake Toho is a round, shallow lake.  You can troll a plastic worm, cast, or fish shinners under a float.

  Another boat rental is on the St. John's River- Highland Fish camp.  The surrounding is a bit more "Florida"- that is a river w/o any houses, etc and the cost about the same. On the river I'd cast, maybe shinners in the deeper bends, etc.

  Hope the two leads help- at both outfits they ought to help suggest what's best in their area, etc.

  Tarpon- closest to Orlando that's really famous is Port Charlotte- gets crowded from what I hear. May is when you want to be at Port Charlotte.

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