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miami airport lakes snook tarpon peas?

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Dont park a nice vehicle at the ramp.

Lots of bass never caught the later in there, but i have only been there a couple of times, part of fishing to me is the surroundings, the surrounding there are from from  relaxing.

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I went there once and I will probably wont go back. As with most miami parking lots, there is a guy there collecting money for parking-who really knows if he is actually working for the city.

The jet skiers think they own the lake and the ramp.The jet skis idiots come right at you at top speed and veer away at the last second. I was so ticked I was ready for some target practice, but I just decided to pack it up and leave. While trying to load my boat, a punk on a ski decided to do tight circles on his 1500cc right behind the transom of my boat throwing wake over the back of my boat.. Of course I yelled at the ignorant punk but he no speaky the english. By the way, I fished the lake and canals areas north and east of the ramps and I got skunked. Floating 6" crank baits usually work good for peas and snook. They like a fast retrieve.

The only cool thing about the area was watching the 747 jets taking off right overhead.

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Yea gar tracker, the surrounding lake front apartments(shacks)are a real eye sore. Urban blight on steriods. The funky food aromas, auto exhaust from the highway and jet fuel from the airport combine to enhance the experience. The canals are loaded with shopping carts, tires, and junk so keep an eye out.

Ahhh. beautiful miami

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I have fished that system thoroughly. Everything said above is true. It is ugly, dirty and urban as can be. Jet skiers are everywhere....and the ramp is a nightmare...

BBBUUUUTTTTT........I have killed fish in there.

Loads of peacocks and a surprisingly good larg mouth lake too. I have also caught tarpon and a 15 lb snook on a zara puppy in a hydrilla field.

If you can go during the week and when it is nasty out (wind/rain) it will be empty and the fish should bite too.

I would never/ever go on the weekend. If i had to i would be there at dark thirty and leave by 10.

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