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Potomac River

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Just curious if anyone has been out lately and if the fish have all moved into the creeks?  I'm going out one day during the week and was hoping to get a couple tips.  I haven't been out since April 11th so I'm sure everythings changed since then.  Let me know...Thanks!

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Wow NOVA, 100+ views and no responses. Tight lips!

Anyways, I dont normally fish the Potomac but here is some info that you might find useful...

The Potomac News publishes a weekly fishing report, every Friday. it can be found by going to http://www.insidenova.com

At the SEARCH-bar (making sure SITE is selected)

Type fishing reports, enter

They should appear underneath the sponsored adds, in chronoligical order.

The report will read as such...


Published: April 30, 2009

Potomac River Tide Informatio

High Point, Occoquan River

Day Date High Low High Low A.M. P.M.

Friday 5/01 1236 1957 0030 0701 0543 2030

Saturday 5/02 1355 2056 0141 0811 0542 2031

Sunday 5/03 1508 2154 0247 0821 0540 2032

Monday 5/04 1611 2249 0347 1029 0539 2033

Tuesday 5/05 1707 2340 0441 1131 0538 2034

Wednesday 5/06 1757 - - - 0530 1228 0537 2035

Thursday 5/07 1845 0027 0615 1320 0536 2036

Friday 5/08 1930 0110 0658 1407 0534 2037

Saturday 5/09 2015 0149 0738 1451 0533 2038

Sunday 5/10 2059 0226 0816 1532 0532 2039

OVERVIEWThroughout the state, lakes and rivers are dropping and clearing. In most bodies of water, good fish are being caught. Patience and persistence is sometimes necessary, along with an understanding of what fish are doing during this season of the year. The better baits for bass are normally rattling crankbaits, small spinnerbaits and plastic worms and lizards. Topwater jerk baits are coming into their own as the water temperatures rise.

POTOMAC RIVER - D.C.Bass are hitting plastic worms, grubs and jig 'n pigs, worked in and around the hydrilla beds from Blue Plains to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Dropoffs are also producing bass on deep-diving crankbaits, Rat-L-Traps, Chatterbaits and plastic baits. Channel catfish are hitting cut herring baits throughout the river, when fished on flats adjacent to deep water. Herring, white perch, catfish and stripers are thick around Fletcher's Boat House. Crappie are being found around submerged brushpiles in quiet waters throughout the region. Washington Channel, The Spoils, and Belle Haven Cove are producing good numbers.

POTOMAC RIVER - BELOW WOODROW WILSON BRIDGEBass are actively feeding in the milfoil and hydrilla beds along both shorelines, from Broad Creek to Nanjemoy Creek. On low, outgoing tides, fish very shallow water with small, tight wobbling or lipless crankbaits. On incoming tides, shift to the extreme outside edge of the grassbeds and fish with jig 'n pig, Carolina-rigged plastic lizards or plastic worms. Use as slow a retrieve as possible or let the bait sit totally still. The bass will do the rest. Bass anglers are also being shocked by stripers, roaming the edges of the grassbeds, hitting bass lures. Rattling crankbaits are taking fish in swift moving tides, on points and steep-dropping banks. Top-water baits are taking some fish early and late in the day. Bass are beginning to move into the lily pads in the creeks. Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and plastic worms are taking their toll here. Sunfish are spawning in the shallows, where Beetlespins, small spinners and flyrod poppers are irresistible. Yellow perch are thick on sand and gravel banks, and points. Small crankbaits and grubs produce well. Catfish are taking cut bait aggressively. Small, live white perch are also taking trophy catfish.

OCCOQUAN RIVERCrappie fishing is good with small jigs and live minnows being the more successful baits. Catfish are taking clam snouts and cut herring throughout the river, at all times of day and night. Bass action is fair. Some fish are being taken from the back end of the river, among the rocks. Plenty of stripers are present in the river. Rattling crankbaits and cut herring are the preferred baits.

OCCOQUAN RESERVOIRBest action on bass has been on plastic worms and crankbaits, fished along the rock walls, on main lake points and in the coves. Catfish are taking clam snouts, cut bait and chicken livers. Crappie action is holding up well. Some citation fish are being caught.

BURKE LAKECrappie are thick and biting well. Shellcrackers are taking nightcrawlers and crickets. Bass are hitting plastic worms, buzzbaits and spinnerbaits in shallow water, near vegetation. Catfish are biting well on cut bait.

FARM PONDSBass are roaming the shallows in most ponds. Plastic worms, Rapalas and flyrod poppers are taking some good fish. Sunfish and crappie are also biting well on small jigs, Beetlespins and flyrod poppers.

POTOMAC RIVER - UPPERSmallmouth bass are taking very small baits, fished slowly along the grass beds on the edge of the river. Small crankbaits, spinners, plastic grubs and top water baits are doing the trick. Flyrodders should use small poppers and woolybuggers in black and dark chartreuse. Good bass action can sometimes be found below the weed beds where the carp are rolling. As the carp roll in the beds, they dislodge insects and crustaceans, which are washed downstream by the current. Smallmouth have learned to station themselves downstream and wait for the bounty. Catfish action is good and bluegills are starting to take baits. The larger bluegills are loaded with eggs and will bite aggressively. Crappie are spawning at the mouths of the feeder creeks, with 1-2# fish not uncommon.........

The report covers a lot more water but the above covers your question on the Potomac. The info is pretty general and a little opinionated when it comes to lure selection but should give you an idea where the general migration of the fish are. Hope that helps.

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Yep, not much reporting these days for NoVA  :-/ I haven't been out much so haven't had much to report either  :( I've been meaning to get out on the potomac or occoquan but haven't had a chance to. I promise to report once I do. :)

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I was in Aquia yesterday and today and yes there are bass in that creek and at least 1/2 way in the 2.3 mile NO WAKE ZONE. The biggest ones I saw were 6.27# and 5.6# with lots of sub 15" ones.

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Thanks guys and thanks for the link JVM.  I made it out Friday and started off at the mouth of Chickamuxen.  Caught a 5.1 on a Baby -1 Minus on the 3rd cast.  Caught another that went about 3lbs and a bunch of dinks.  We even caught a few on topwater.  Fished some wood in Quantico but not much doing there.  Went up to Marshall Hall and caught a bunch of dinks and a couple keepers.  My buddy broke off a pig.

I understand that Aquia has been awesome this year.  Friday probably wouldn't have been too bad but I'm not sure how much I would enjoy it on a weekend.  I guess since the fish have moved further back in the creek it may have spread things out a bit.  

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