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Eastern ,NC River Bass

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Hey guys, had my bass boat two years now and been after these bass in the rivers, Tar, Neuse, Roanoke. Me and my dad have chased them hard and the most we have landed in one outing is two. The tournament guys around here wont tell ya squat. We are using culprit worms and plastic lizards, bomber crankbaits, etc. Is it just way harder to catch bass in river systems than lakes? or are we just not catching on to the methods. we catch only at small creek mouths, never abything up in coves or creeks, just at mouths. I just need enough tips to allow us to catch on and have fun. I know you cant get them all the time, but we dont get them anytime. If you are a pretty abled river bass fisherman and you read this, give me a hand.

Thanks guys, Robert

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Whats up Rob !! sorry your having such a tough time but rivers can be tough to fish anywhere. I am not sure what your rivers are like there but I will tell you what I hit them on in Texas. On the sabine river, me and a couple good friends throw a white spinnerbait. I prefer a tandem blade in colorado and willowleaf with some type of trailer. We have a lot of luck throwing them anywhere you see slack water on the edge of a current. We will actually troll up current and pull the bait back down pulling it over or under stumps, logs, rocks or whatever structure we have. We do have a lot of luck throwing it anywhere water flows out of a smaller creek or bayou into the main river. We also have good success on what used to be called a cajun frog , of off the main river. We have a lot of swamp down here which provides us a ton of cypress trees and a lot of cover to hold fish. We have caught bass on about everything but the spinnerbait does really well for us so give it a try.

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