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Use ONLY Stren

Big South Fork River

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Hey guys, I live in south florida but im going on a float trip down the Big south fork river in June. I did the same trip last summer and caught decent number of fish using small Yum crawbugs and some worms. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what lures, plastics, jigs, colors and what not, to help us catch a better number of fish. Thanks for any tips.

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Hey Use,

I used to live in that area a while back, but I have never actually fished the Big South Fork. I have done a lot of hiking in that area and seem to remember that the only time there was any 'sizable' water in that river was early spring. Last summer did you have to lift and/or carry your canoes often? Perhaps we are not talking about the same place... I am talking about the national park right on the Tn. and Ky. border. Beautiful place, nice mountains, woods everywhere, but tiny low flow river... except for the spring. Crystal clear water too. If we are talking about the same place... I have heard rumors from the locals that there is actually Muskie in the deeper pools on that river. And also on the Obed and Emory.

Sorry, no fishing help here.

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