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Megabass Anthrax

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I just saw a demo of this lure. I thought it looked pretty cool. For those of you who have had experience with it: How did it perform? and What is your favorite way to fish it?

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I have two, and they work pretty good.  I fish it a couple of ways.  Like a stickbait like a Bang-O lure.  If I'm fishing stickbaits that particular day, then this is my go to lure, very realistic looking, something the fish haven't seen a million times, and with great hook.

The 2nd way I fish it is like a wake bait, reeled slowly just under the surface.  I usually use a Bagley Bulgin B as a wake bait, but will throw this second to change it up or if they get sick of seeing the bulgin b.  

Lastly I fish it with a walk the dog motion.  It is ok, but not the best lure for doing that.  I prefer a cultiva tango dancer for that.  

The Anthrax is best in pressured waters, I think because of its unique profile and look.  On those days when anything is working, throw a cheaper lure.  On the days when the bite is tougher, toss an anthrax...

Good luck, hope this helped.

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