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Wild Hawaiian Summer

Stan Wright

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It's been a wild summer here in Hawaii. The peacock bass are schooling and chasing shad most of the time. Cloud cover seems to be better. Average size fish is 1 to 2 pounds, but a 3 or 4 pounder will slip in take your lure making it real exciting for those ultra light line guys. Even a 2 pound fish on 4# test line is exciting.

Now for those who like big numbers.... Live bait anglers have been going to Morgans Pt. every afternoon and it's not uncommon to catch 50 fish... per rod. We started a tagging program last month and in 2 hours I tagged 50 peacock bass. Five guys fishing and two of us tagging. It was a slow day.



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The state record Largemouth bass for Hawaii is 9 lbs 9.43 oz.  

The Peacock bass record is 9 lbs 4.2 oz.

Both fish were caught on the island of Kauai.  I've spoken with angleres here at Wahiawa Res on Oahu who have caught 11 pound peacock bass.  An 8 pounder is the largest I've seen here at the lake.

The tags are the little one inch spaggitti tags with a "T" bar on the end. It's the kind used to tag clothing.... same tagging gun is used. ($10 per gun) I don't know how much the tags cost. The state freshwater division bought them. Several of us fishermen are doing the tagging and keeping tabs on the taggs being reported. We turn the information over to the state.


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