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Using scents  (my opinion)

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I have purchased many brands of scents to test out.  I haven't got any farther than my first 3 brands that give me success.

Now my point is do scents really work or not?

I fish the same area with my buddies.  If i use scents we all catch bass, if i use no scents our success as a group isn't that great.

Example;  I fishing a damm'd up river so the water is flowing by me at a slow rate.  I'm more towards the middle while my buddy is at the dam fishing too.  My section of land jets out more into the body of water so i'm almost 1/3rd of the way infront of him.  He uses no scents and i'm using scents.  So my scent is going straight to his area.  I catching bass after bass no matter what lure i'm using its a godd bite and the bass are hungry.  All of a sudden my buddy lands a big bass in an area that we haven't caught that many bass there.  I figure my scents turned on all the fish in that area.

I'm very careful on where i use scents now and how much scent i use too.  If the area is crowded i use no scents at all. We have to becareful when using scents.  My worry is most people here fish to eat so were losing the bass population at a good rate.  With more and more people losing there jobs its only going to get even worse.

Think about it the pets(dogs and cats) will be neglected while are fish catch some of the brunt too.  #$@% rolls down hill for sure.

Which brings up another point I pick up abandon kittens all the time and bring them home and give them a good life.  I always find them in pairs(brother & sister).  One pair was on the brink of death when i found them.  I was on my way home from fishing when i seen a pair of eyes on a rock that jetted out towards the street.  It was a little calico female kitten looking to be picked up.  I got her and noticed another one in the woods but her wouldn't come to me.  I had to rush home and get food to get him.  The last pair of kittens were so small they fit in the palm of my hand.  Why do people do this i'll never know our local dog pound doesn't kill they find everything homes sooner or later.  My 3 dogs were free too that needed homes.  My rottie was 70lbs when the owner deceided it was too big to handle, now she is 145lbs. he couldn't find any body that wanted her.  My other two are pound dogs.  I gave them a second life.

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