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fishing man

getting snagged lures out???

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hey everyone i always get snagged and lose my lure. and i saw on a couple shows when they get snagged they like grad the line and let it go and the lure comes out. how do you do this, i tried it yesterday but couldn't get the lure out. will it only work with certain lures?

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If you're refering to holding your rod up perpendicular to your taught line, plucking it above the lowest eyelet like a bow, it only works some of the time. If your fishing plastic baits, this is the only method besides trolling up and reeling down to the bait and pushing forward or reversing direction before pulling at it. If you're fishing cranks, the bests investment I've ever made was for a lure retriever. Mine is a "Hound Dog" retriever. It clips onto your line, slides down with force, causing the treble hooks to recoil forward and hang on it. I pull it back with the attached nylon cord (150 lb. test). This $5.99 item has paid for itself many times. There are many other retrievers on the market including ones with chains that snag the hooks. Some have even used an old spark plug. That's my .02.


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I carry two different lure retrievers. One is a telescoping pole with a spiral on the end. It will reach down to 18 feet and will almost always unsnag the lure because it comes in direct contact with it.

The hound dog type retrievers that clip onto your line don't work quite as well, they fail sometimes. However when the water is over 18 feet, they are the only chance you have to unsnag your lure, and they do get your lure out more often than not.

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